06 Microfinancing

Moving towards socially responsible lending: new opportunities and prospects

The participants will discuss legislative amendments with respect to microfinance organizations market “socialization”, PTI ratio market players experience, business models transformation – lenders structure changes analysis, the institution of the “financial ombudsman” established by market players for their own needs as well as new microfinance products and technologies development.

Evolution of online microfinance organizations: the role of online lending in promoting financial inclusion and risks posed by online loans for customers

The discussion will cover microfinance market online sector development which is considered to foster growth of the market.

Participants will share their opinions on online sector challenges emerging as online sales channels are expanding and provide proximate solutions aimed at facing such challenges.

Such microfinance organizations market development problems as level of online default debt, anti-fraud issues and technologies development aimed at lenders and creditors risk lessening shall be paid attention to. The discussion is considered to cover online microfinance organizations role in financial inclusion endurance.

Self-regulating organizations as an inseparable institution of microfinance market development

The discussion will cover the establishment and development of the monitoring mechanisms for self-regulating organizations, the market’s own capacities in terms of facing unfair practices and unfair market players , practical aspects of self-regulating organizations activity and their interaction with market players and regulation amendments in the area.

Microfinance organizations role in retail lending

This session will cover the topic of various assessments and forecasts of the role of microfinance organizations in retail lending market taking into account on-going market changes.

Microfinance market peculiarities and prospects, including cohesion of microfinance and credit organizations regulation shall be paid attention to.