05 Professional securities market participants

Asset management: issues and development areas

The participants will discuss the existing types of asset management and the practices present in the market today, paying special attention to the international experience.

The discussion will also seek to dissect the essence of the standard management strategies to determine whether they constitute a product or a service.

Granular data vs. reporting by professional securities market participants

The session will cover the transition from traditional reporting to collecting granular data, using the example of professional securities market participants.

What are the benefits for the professional securities market participants (e.g., reduction of reporting forms, decreasing number of the Bank of Russia requests)?

What are expected costs and risks (including information security risks)? Is it possible to transfer the data through cloud infrastructure? How should the regulation be adapted for new conditions?

Developing “socially responsible” investments: the role and potential of professional securities market participants and financial infrastructure organisations

Financial intermediaries have traditionally helped investors enter financial markets, so they can also be instrumental in developing “socially responsible” investments in Russia.

This primarily concerns asset managers and investment advisors, who play an important role in investment decisions.

The session will review the capacity of professional securities market participants and infrastructure institutions with regard to promoting sustainable/ESG-friendly investments (i.e. investing that is mindful of environmental, social and corporate governance concerns.) and potential risks concerning observance of such principles.

Registrars and depositories: new regulatory reform

The session will focus on the new initiatives with regard to reforming the existing system of keeping of the records of the rights to securities proposed by market participants.

The discussion will cover the system of keeping of the records of the rights to securities currently in use and the international experience, including the issues of protecting the clients’ assets, establishing common approaches to keeping of the records of the rights to securities, bringing closer the functions of registrars and depositories, and reducing the costs for businesses. Another issue on the agenda is whether it is necessary to develop and launch a unified database for clients’ assets.

New platforms in the financial market: similarities and differences in regulation

The session will review the activities of investment and electronic platform operators in the context of the existing and planned legislation regulating crowdfunding, online marketplaces and digital financial assets.

The participants will discuss among other things whether it is necessary to introduce specific regulatory requirements for such platforms and arbitrage problems concerning organized trading regulation.