04 Collective Investment

Impact of fiduciary liability insurance on investing

The session will cover how fiduciary duty has re-shaped the process of investing. The participants will also discuss how management companies and non-government pension funds should look for the best deals available.

One of the key issues: how to raise investors income in the fiduciary duty environment.

Business, risks and monitoring: looking for a balance

The session is going to cover the issues of building risk management and internal control systems in management companies, non-government pension funds and professional securities market participants, related expenses, establishment of proportional legal requirements on risk management and internal control.

Investment business amid decreasing returns

The session will cover possible transformations in the business models of management companies and pension funds in the era of low interest rates, changes in investment strategies and business optimisation.

Guaranteed pension plans

How do we create a voluntary pension product that would be accessible to millions?

The session will cover the key parameters of such new pension product.